“What do you mean?”


It’s the most convenient and most common way to contact people, but is this form of communication poisoning relationships and causing anxiety?

I don’t know about you and your friends, but I spend a lot of my day discussing relationships. The main ‘deep and meaningfuls’ tend to occur face to face but a few screenshots are likely to circulate around the friendship group. But that doesn’t tend to explicitly affect the relationship negatively unless the male finds out about the few sneaky screenshots.

It’s the misunderstanding. Where’s the tone of voice? Where are the non-verbal cues? Where’s the context? WHAT DO YOU MEAN?

I personally don’t mind messaging, life is becoming busier as the world evolves and sometimes you can’t actually see people in person as often as you wish. Unfortunately, your significant other might completely despise messaging as it’s impersonal or kind of pointless. You may find they won’t reply or will neglect to message you for days at a time and maybe you’re the overthinking type…have they found someone else? Are they bored of me?

“Are they bored of me?”

Maybe ignorance or disinterest in messaging is the first sign to a guy only looking for something casual but it should be okay not to message constantly…right? To be honest, I think it’s going to depend on the person. Society is going to make you think they’re ‘just not into you’ or cause a swirling of nervousness as to what is wrong. Messaging is such as big part of everyday life with most generations constantly in possession of a mobile phone. This may be causing a decrease in quality of life or even causing people to believe messaging is a substitute of passion and intimacy. No matter how hard you try, messaging is not going to give you the same experience as face-to-face and if you don’t talk to your partner for two, three, four days…it’s not the end of the relationship or the world.

It’s time to stop worrying about messaging. To put down the device and stop second-guessing yourself or your partner. Have that important conversation when you see them next, not via Facebook or text. Find out what they mean.


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