Goodbye? For now?


It’s all too common watching two people attempt to align their lives when they’re living in two different stages of their life journey. So what are you supposed to do?

As a young person, priorities are set on finding yourself and building a future. This means it can become conflicting and extremely confusing when there’s another person to consider. It becomes even more complicated when plans are set in stone before two people meet.

So how are you supposed to react or feel when the person you want, doesn’t exactly reciprocate the same feelings of loss? You want the person you’re seeing to assure you of their sadness leaving you and how much they’re going to miss you; yet sometimes they just won’t. Sometimes they will just leave and appear to never turn back…at the time.

For now, you may feel as if they never cared and it was never a strong connection at all but in time you may find them trying to reconnect or regretting the loss of contact whilst they’re away. Maybe it was just too hard for them to continue contact whilst the partnering was illogical due to living on different sides of the world. I’m hoping this is the case in most situations because you don’t want to be just another girl or just another ‘thing’. You want to make a difference, or at least I do. I want to impact people, especially when you’re romantically involved with someone because it can make you feel insignificant. Myself personally, I cannot handle being insignificant, I need to be reassured that I’m an important figure in their life. Maybe this isn’t a healthy way to think, but without other people, what do we have? Just materialistic objects. For me, people, feelings and memories are the only things we have in life and without them, what are we living for?

For me, people, feelings and memories are the only things we have in life and without them, what are we living for?

I don’t want to let go but I think I should experience life more instead of putting myself on hold. I can’t press pause and expect someone else to do the same. I deserve better and I shouldn’t expect less for myself. I guess it’s goodbye for now, but it doesn’t mean forever. I’m okay with that, let’s be okay with that.


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