Where are the boys who send flowers?

We live in a century where the world revolves around technology and ever-changing social standards, but have these changes impacted the authenticity of people? What has happened to chivalry?


I fully support feminism in which females are encouraged to be independent women, but, why aren’t the upcoming generations making an effort anymore? There’s just interest and disinterest, in which interest lasts about 0.5 seconds on most occasions. In defense of those who do make an effort, I am looking from my perspective of meeting various young males who just give up. Come on, it’s not that hard to be a little romantic and it doesn’t even cost much to impress a lot of young women, it just takes a little thought. As harsh as it sounds, it’s time to grow a pair.

I say ‘grow a pair’ because it’s time to stop worrying about what your mates will think if you show a girl a little more attention and a little more sincerity. Simply put, they are just jealous because you have someone and they don’t. So word of advice, don’t give a girl the flick ‘for the boys’ (FTB, YTB), because sooner or later the lads will all get ladettes, and you’ll be thinking about that stunning girl you broke because you didn’t want to look lame. But, do not get a girl just for the sake of it and become bored.

Why? Because you’ll get into the habit of pulling and flicking every girl and sooner or later the elastic band is just going to flick you right in the face…or the balls. How? You’ll meet your match and she’ll smoke you out. This is karma reminding you to be the good bad guy, not the bad good guy. You can still be a little mean to keep them keen, but know when the line has been crossed or at least acknowledge when you cross the line instead of pretending to be oblivious (it’s not cute).

“Be the good bad guy, not the bad good guy”

No one likes a bad sport or a player who bends the rules way too far. We still wanna play but we don’t want to be injured and out for the season, we want to retire when we’re ready.


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