Happiness Project

Everyone is struggling with their own ‘happiness project.’ What will make me happy? Who will make me happy? How will I make myself happy? The only person capable of creating happiness is oneself but it’s hard to not get caught in thousands of swirling thoughts in this fast-paced planet; it’s hard to balance emotional flexibility with social media forcing you to mirror everyone else’s’ feelings. Or at least trying to not feel disappointed when you’re forced to see everyone’s best life on social media.

“What will make me happy?”

That’s the biggest problem, isn’t it? No one is acknowledging the effects of social media or media in general. Instead of worrying about yourself, you’re coerced into thinking everyone’s life is more interesting or “I should look more like them or…why can’t I be more like them…” and I’m just wondering when everything is going to explode. I mean, the evolution of technology and communication has progressed so rapidly over the past ten years, it’s hard for anyone to manage the change or even comprehend the actual effects.

“Why can’t I be more like them?”

I’m not entirely sure how I feel. Sometimes I love that I can talk to my friends all around the world or see anything at the click of a button. Sometimes I just want to hide out in a lakeside cabin with my record player, typewriter, candles, and notepad because I think it would feel less lonely than having a mobile at the touch of my fingers. That’s the thing, having a mobile phone, laptop or any device capable of communication does not make you feel any less lonely, in fact, it makes me more lonely. As the concern for mental health increases, we should be paying attention to what else has increased – use of media.

“Sometimes I just want to hide out…it would feel less lonely…”

This correlation is not coincidental, not coincidental in the slightest. It’s an explanation and maybe it should be managed? Let’s look at the facts. There’s an age restriction on alcohol due to the negative effects on the brain and ability to damage underdeveloped humans. There’s an age restriction on driving because young people are not necessarily ready to use a vehicle capable of so much damage. Alcohol can lead to violence and depression, early use of vehicles can lead to serious injuries and fatality, and social media can lead to violence, depression, serious injuries, and fatalities. So why aren’t we doing anything about it? What are you going to do about it?

“What are you going to do about it?”


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