Hunter – Lyric Meaning

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Verse I

You’ve got so much potential babe

The song is based upon a guy who is not necessarily academically smart, but incredibly charming in a charismatic sense. I find charisma a particularly attractive attribute and therefore saw lost potential in this individual due to the actions further explained in the song.

Wasted in your hunting games

A typical teenage boy who is more interested in playing games and chasing girls like a hunter, than seeking out a meaningful relationship.

You’re looking for the reddest fox

Too interested in the most popular and most desired girl at the time due to what the people around him believe rather than himself.

One that’ll make your senses pop

He believes obtaining the most popular girls will make him feel alive and inflate his senses.


You’re a thief of Cupid’s arrow

As a modern-day ‘hunter,’ he stole the arrow to chase and collect his prey by trying to make females want him with Cupid’s match-making weapon. A try-hard approach for meeting females rather than organically meeting the right one.

But you won’t catch the dainty sparrow

A smart, quick and aware female, will not allow him to make her another casualty in his games. A fox may seem like a desirable target for a ‘hunter,’ but a sparrow is a higher achievement and requires more skill.


Oh hunter from the northern skies

Based geographically north, he now resides south where he has lost his core values.

I’m not your prey your animal or prize

A reminder to the guy that he is not a real hunter and females should not be looked upon as an object or trophy kill. 

Close your eyes count to ten add five

In his current mentality, he will always be fifteen steps behind and blind to what really matters. In a more personal sense, he will always be fifteen steps behind when trying to obtain me.

Catch me now while you’re still alive

He has met his match and he may find the roles reversed due to his egotistical persona coercing him to believe he is top of the chain.

Verse II

You’ve left marks on the forest floor

The ‘hunter’ has lost his touch and is beginning to become careless with covering tracks and hiding his tricks from girls.

Tainted love and lonely paws

He has broken many girls hearts during the process and left them alone to suffer from their injuries.

You’re not sneaky enough

To be a successful hunter or playboy in a non-metaphorical sense, he is not skilled enough to continue with his current behaviour. He has left cues and lonely girls to spread the word regarding his nature.

Your footsteps are too rough

He has become careless and his success as a hunter of women has diminished with his potential to become someone great. He is becoming too old to continue the same immature games.



Ra ba ba barm da dada da da darm

Ram ba ba barm ba dada da da dadadarm…

This entire section represents the chase of the ‘hunter’ through his endeavors. Repetitive outcomes and an inability to fulfill his void and find meaning in the world. Deciding to hunt females rather than pursue other avenues is a roller-coaster feeling of lows and high, destined to result in loneliness. 


Sectional Bridge

Chorus fade out

I’m not your prey your animal or prize

One last reminder and a clear statement that I would not fall into his trap and become another casualty within his immature game with no purpose. 


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