Not Like The Movies

Nearly every movie is centered around a love story. Designed to gather interest, create sex appeal this is what people pay to watch. But do people just want to watch it because that’s what they’re used to seeing? Billboards on the street,  Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, the most successful TV ads, celebrities…your surroundings make you believe […]

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The thought of being in love

I’ve always been worried about people being into me. Am I interesting enough? Will they dislike the actual me? Will I have to spend my entire life trying to be the ‘cool’ girl rather than be myself? In addition, I can sometimes become very attached and I thought it was innocent, but it was my […]

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Goodbye? For now?

  It’s all too common watching two people attempt to align their lives when they’re living in two different stages of their life journey. So what are you supposed to do? As a young person, priorities are set on finding yourself and building a future. This means it can become conflicting and extremely confusing when […]

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“What do you mean?”

  It’s the most convenient and most common way to contact people, but is this form of communication poisoning relationships and causing anxiety? I don’t know about you and your friends, but I spend a lot of my day discussing relationships. The main ‘deep and meaningfuls’ tend to occur face to face but a few screenshots are likely […]

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