Know When You’re Toxic

Disclaimer: This blog post is not about anyone specifically nor is it supposed to come across as insensitive to individuals’ personal situations. I accumulated both objective (research) and subjective (opinion) points to write this. All of my posts are reflective in which I try to grow from past actions and thoughts. They say people come […]

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The Wolf Pack

You can feel them watching you. They’re sneering, chomping their lips, howling when your back is turned. They travel in a pack or they’re close enough to defend one another. They think differently but they surrender to act the same. You’ve likely witnessed or been a part of it – The Wolf Pack Mentality. “You can feel […]

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“What do you mean?”

  It’s the most convenient and most common way to contact people, but is this form of communication poisoning relationships and causing anxiety? I don’t know about you and your friends, but I spend a lot of my day discussing relationships. The main ‘deep and meaningfuls’ tend to occur face to face but a few screenshots are likely […]

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